WiFi Black Box Camera

WiFi Black Box Camera

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This is an extremely versatile hidden black box camera is perfect for surveillance . Place it in plain sight. Set it up next to your common electronic such as your TV Blueray Player etc..on top of a shelf or cabinet, kitchen counter, end table. Easily fits in at home or in the office. The possibilities are endless!

With the WiFi function, once you hook it up to a WiFi source, you can view this camera from anywhere in the world using the free app on your smart phone or device. Additionally,  you can view and download files onto your PC as well. You can sit in the privacy of your home and you can watch these files.

Popular Uses:

  • Home & Office Security – Check in on your home or office right from your smartphone or device anywhere in the world.
  • Nanny Camera – Monitor your babysitter or nanny and ensure they take proper care of your children. You will always know what’s happening with your family at any moment!
  • Business Security – Keep an eye on your business and make sure that your employees are productive.
  • Keep Elderly Safe – Make sure that your loved ones are being cared for properly and treated with respect.
  • Watch your pets! We all know pets are goofy animals and nothing is more fun than to record or check up on your furry friends while you’re away. Make your video will go viral!

You must make sure that you use this product legally and it is your responsibility to do so. You can consult an attorney to be sure that you are following the legal rules.