WiFi Coffee Pot Hidden Camera

WiFi Coffee Pot Hidden Camera

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Looking for a wifi coffee pot hidden camera to secretly keep an eye on your home or office? Then this Coffee Pot Hidden Spy cam is just
what you need! We’ve fitted a high quality camera inside a Coffee Pot that is WiFi enabled. So you can view your space remotely from any smartphone, tablet, or PC. And since it comes with one IP address, you can view multiple cameras on a single screen placed in different locations.

Crystal Clear Recording

The camera for spying records video in either SD or HD, full color, and at 30 FPS, using a high quality Sony lens with an extra
wide viewing angle. And you’ll enjoy virtually unlimited storage. Simply sync the device to your PC over WiFi, and you can use the
hard disk on your computer to hold months of footage. And since the camera is motion activated, you’ll never stare at video clips
of an empty room.

Here’s why you’ll love this spying camera:

– Secure WiFi connection using IEEE 802.11b/g, WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption.

– Motion alerts via email or FTP image upload.

– Quick to set up with no 3rd party software required.

– Compatible with iPhone, Android, tablets and PCs.

– Multi-level users with password protection.