TeleSpy, Portable Personal Home Alarm

TeleSpy, Portable Personal Home Alarm

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Item#: DSIS1

The TeleSpy is an economical intrusion notification systems built into a working telephone. With the internal hidden motion detector and microphone this plain telephone is now your DIY customers easy way to install a home Alarm, simply enter the number you would like the TeleSpy to call in the event of an intrusion and turn the power switch on when the motion activated sensor is triggered the TeleSpy will call the number and the internal microphone will allow the call recipient to hear who is in their home or office.


  • “Slim Line” type standard telephone
  • Stores 1 number
  • Plugs into standard wall phone jack
  • Built in motion sensor and microphone
  • 30 seconds of listening after 30 seconds the TeleSpy call disconnects and re-arms
  • Motion Sensor
  • Passive infrared technology
  • 45 degree wedge beyond the sensor origin
  • Microphone
  • Amplified condenser microphone


  • (Pre-packaged)
  • Telespy
  • Coil phone cord
  • Phone Cord
  • AC adapter
  • Instructions