Orion DIS-4000 Electronic Device Detector

Orion DIS-4000 Electronic Device Detector

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The ORION DIS-4000 Electronic Device Detector provides the capability to detect hidden electronic devices. In fact regardless of whether the device is radiating, hard wired, or even turned on at all! Consequently ORION is the latest advancement in Non-linear electronic Detection for counter-surveillance.

DIS-4000 Electronic Device Detector Advantages

The DS-4000 offers minimum Set-up Time. It has no cables or bulky transceiver units to carry. The DIS-4000 is light weight, balanced and ergonomic designed for ease of use. It uses a high Transmit power for rapidly searching a large area. The DIS-4000’s circularly Polarized Antenna reduces search time and improves reliability. The DIS-4000 offers Dual Harmonics with Discrimination Algorithms that Minimize False Alarms. Likewise, it’s standard type camcorder battery gives the unit long use time and quick charge function. Similarly, the unit’s wireless Headphones and Graphic Display offer simultaneous Audio & Visual Information.

DIS-4000 Advancements

the DIS-4000’s 2nd and 3rd harmonic operation includes advanced algorithms for minimizing false alarms as well as listening capability for each harmonic. The unit’s dynamic power control helps the user locate threats. As well, it offers automatic or manual control (10 mwatt to 1 watt).