Laptop Bag Hidden Camera

Laptop Bag Hidden Camera

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Laptop Bag Hidden Camera – Item#: DSI800

Great for body worn application the Laptop Bag Hidden Camera has a high quality CCD camera built inside, the camera is virtually hidden. We integrate a 2.4 GHz 4 channel transmitter to create a wireless system for those applications when you need wireless and include a matching 4 channel receiver. Why 4 channels? This allows the user versatility in a wireless application. Each Bag has a choice of black and white or color camera.


Camera Specifications:
92 degree field of view
3.6mm Lens
1/3 DSP Color CCD image Sensor ¼ DSP B/W
380 lines of resolutions color 420 lines B/W
0.5 LUX Color .05 B/W
DC 12V power
Audio is not available
Transmitter / Receiver Specifications
4-channel operations
Auto switching capable (receiver)
300 – 700 foot line of sight (LOS) approximate range
(LOS is dependent upon, obstructions and interference from other wireless devices)
Item #’s
C1800C Color Hardwired
C1800B Black & White Hardwired

Hidden Video camera systems
Power supply/12 Volt Battery Pack
RCA Cable

17″ x 12″ x 5″