Desk Lamp Hidden Camera

Desk Lamp Hidden Camera

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Desk Lamp Hidden Camera – Item#: DSIC3300

In the most inconspicuous place we now have a covert camera inside a light bulb of the Desk Lamp Hidden Camera. When you need another option in wireless try the carry current lamp. This Radical new hidden camera is inside the bulb hidden in the lamp and is powered by carry current. All you have to do is plug the lamp and decoder into any electrical socket in your home or business, plug in the RCA video cable to any TV, VCR or DVR and you have surveillance! This item is perfect for the DIY or any pro with its portability and ease of use.


Non- Functioning Light Bulb
Power line single phase 120V AC, 60HZ
CCD camera black and white
Digital signal processor
0 lux
Infrared-enhanced night vision
IRFS power line carrier transmission system
80 degree feild of view
6 IR LED’s


Hidden Camera System
Lamp with hidden camera bulb
RCA cable
Complete instructions