2GB Pen Audio Recorder

2GB Audio Recorder

2GB Pen Audio Recorder

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This 2GB Audio recorder top of the line for recording any conversation. Consequently, you feel much more secure. Hence, you will be able to keep yourself covered. Additionally, this product will last for a long time.

Simply turn the recording switch on the top of the unit counter clockwise. When you turn the switch you will see the white dot turn from white to black to indicate that it is in the record mode.

Want to set up your recording mode? Unscrew the pen by twisting counter clockwise on the silver and black design ring in the center of the unit. Once you have it unscrewed you will see your USB connection. There is small black switch, move it to the solid gold line for continuous recording or move it to the three gold dots for voice activated recording.

  • Covertly Records Audio
  • Battery Life of 15 Hours
  • 2GB Internal Memory
  • Extremely Easy to Operate
  • Microphone Sensitivity: 10 FT16 GB Audio Recorder

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