About Spy Store

Spy Store was formed in 1989 by retired members of N.Y.P.D.
DSI President Bob Leonard has an ideal background for this business.

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U.S.M.C. – Communications/Military Intelligence
N.Y. Telephone Company – Repairman
N.Y.P.D. – Tactical Patrol Force
N.Y.P.D. – Honor Legion

Security requests were constant which formed the Spy Store. Corporations and individuals with security needs have kept Spy Store busy in an ever changing world of security. Corporate security, corporate sweeps for illegal listening devices, computer encryption, satellite tracking, full video installation covert or customized to clients’ needs, nite vision and perimeter protection are just a few of the areas of expertise of Spy Store.

The staff at Spy Store has over 50 years of experience in the Electronic Security field. The staff is constantly reinventing itself through specialized schools and seminars to insure that Spy Store clients receive the best security possible.DISCRETION ASSURED.


Our newest location the Spy Store at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City, N. J. is owned and operated by Bob Leonard Jr.

Bob’s hands on experience and expertise as an investigator, tech gives the Atlantic City store the same expert and personal services. The same investigator prices are in effect.

Here are a few products and services we provide.

  • Hidden cameras, nanny cams, wireless mini spy cameras, CCTV, surveillance systems and covert recording
  • Listening devices, digital phone recorders, wireless microphones, hidden digital and analog voice recorders, bionic ears and audio jammers
  • Digital recording equipment, VCRs and accessories, portable DVR’s and media players
  • Passive and real time GPS equipment for tracking your car and / or assets
  • Detection devices, home drug and infidelity test kits, RF (radio frequency) detectors, hidden camera detectors, wireless camera detectors, counter surveillance monitors
  • Voice changers, cell phone voice changers, professional voice changers and voice transformers
  • Telephone security, tap nullifiers, bug detection, wire tap notification 
  • Spy gear, spy equipment, bullet proof vest, metal detectors, book safes and can safes